Alleviation strictly limits its practice to solving IRS debt issues for individuals and businesses across the US.

For over 15 years our professionals have provided pivotal strategies to help our clients manage their IRS debt while making it affordable, providing opportunities for deductions, or in best-case scenarios, eliminating the tax debt all together. We have seen it all and will help you through it all. No matter the problem, we’ve got your back when it comes to dealing with the IRS and state taxation departments. We are based in Decatur, GA but work with clients throughout the entire United States.

Experiencing Issues with the IRS?

When faced with tax issues, you need to take action as soon as possible, and you can count on Alleviation to handle it for you. For issues large and small, we can get you personalized help from one of our Tax Resolution specialists.

Lashanda Hudson (Founder & CEO)

For over 15 years, Lashanda has been gaining experience in the Tax Resolutions field and has been able to save millions on her clients’ cases.

After working for a few industry Tax Resolution firms, she realized they took advantage of people more than they helped. This inspired her to open her own business in Tax Resolutions where she is able to help her clients save money every day.

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